About Steven William | A Connecticut native with a love for Architectural Photography.

 Steven is a Connecticut Architectural and Real Estate Photographer. By using today’s cutting edge techniques mixed with a few of his own, he showcases the individuality of engineered angles, spaces and designs.

Steven holds dual design degrees from two private art schools. Fresh out of High School, he drove west to Arizona. He enrolled in the Art Institute of Phoenix where he obtained a degree in Digital Media and Design. Years later he determined to expand his education, and he achieved a Visual Communications Degree at Gibbs College right here in Connecticut.

All the while during his spare time, Steven would explore different cities. He photographed all the secret man-made, complex, hard-to-reach structures and frameworks. Steven instinctively shot highway overpasses, skyscrapers, stairwells, bridges, parks, and even rail road tunnels. It wasn’t until a few years later he realized a passion for Architectural photography.

Eventually Steven secured a position with a local Real Estate firm as their in-house Creative. The broker suggested he start photographing homes in his spare time for extra income. Having access to photograph the multitude of houses listed with that brokerage, gave him the experience, as well as the time to sharpen and refine his Architectural photographic skills.

Steven realized his love for the work and started to freelance his talents. Soon he was able to branch off and start photographing homes and commercial spaces full time.

Steven William employs a methodical approach towards photographing structural spaces. He also applies his design and visual communication talents with the post processing stage, editing every photo individually to guarantee the utmost excellence in the photographs submitted to his clients.